You will need legal representation when you have been a victim of Medical Malpractice resulting in significant impairments.

The main reason is that in Oklahoma the law requires that you obtain a written medical report from a medical care provider that practices in the same area of medicine that your provider was in when the negligence occurred.

This is expensive and difficult to accomplish, as the medical providers near the area where the medical care took place, will not normally testify against a fellow medical provider. This is sometimes referred to loosely, as “The Conspiracy of Silence”.

Out of state medical experts are expensive. When the case is sent to them for review, they will expect all of the information to be complete and organized along with a sizable check enclosed for their review and to write a report. There is no guarantee what their opinion will be on whether the actions of your provider fell below the “Accepted Standard of Medical Care” for that particular area of medicine.

You must prove that the doctor not only made a mistake, but that it fell below this accepted standard of medical care to be negligence. Then you must prove that this negligence was the cause of the medical injuries. If it is a mere mistake of judgment it is not medical malpractice.

Medical Malpractice cases get expensive to prepare because the work involved and the expert fees.

I have handled Medical Malpractice cases, along with related medical and injury cases for many years successfully.

In addition, while I am not a doctor and I do not intend to take the place of a doctor, I will advocate for you, and help you understand what you are dealing with and suggest reasonable possible solutions for each issue, by giving you the information and assistance you need to navigate the complex area of Medical Malpractice Law, so that we will work together at each step to get the best medical and legal results.

You can call me for a free telephone 15 minute evaluation to see if you need to retain an attorney. After you have retained me, I will be available 24/7 by my cell phone for emergencies.

If there is no recovery there is no attorney fee.

You will often need to coordinate Short Term/Long Term Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Workers’ Compensation Benefits, along with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Supplementary Security Income Benefits and Unemployment Benefits, or you will accidentally lose some or all of these benefits, because you do not understand what benefits are available and how they interrelate with each other. In addition, some are mutually exclusive, in whole or in part. I practice in all these areas and can protect your rights accordingly.

Although my home office is in Edmond, I will travel to any area in Oklahoma to meet with you if the facts of your case justify it. I will also travel beyond Oklahoma on a Social Security Claim in selected cases.

Contact me for a free 15 minute review of your claim. I will then explain to you what will have to be done to prove you are unable to work, with your particular case and facts.