My over 35 year law practice has included many jury and non jury trials for injuries resulting from auto accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice and other types of personal injury cases, over the past 35 years, with great success.

I was a claims adjuster and claims supervisor handling personal injury claims and supervising litigation at Allstate Insurance Company for five years before I started practicing injury related law, which law practice has spanned over three decades.

My law practice has been limited to medical and injury related issues and cases. I have developed a significant amount of knowledge and expertise, in the medical and legal arena. This wealth of experience allows me to represent my clients fully in preparing, developing and presenting their claims in a way that that helps insure that the injured client obtains full compensation for their injury related damages and I will often offer suggestions as to the medical treatment issues, merely as a heads up to further assist you in talking to your medical care providers, which can be helpful to you in obtaining proper medical treatment.

Most clients have injuries that are obviously related to the trauma that preceded them. However, many injuries and medical problems that are not so obviously connected to an accident or injury, require years of experience in handling medically related injuries to identify and prove the connection between the health and medical problems and the original accident that produced them.

So called consequential injuries are among some of these more subtle injury related medical problems. For example injuries and impairments that occur as a result of the reasonable and necessary medical treatment are legally connected to the original injury. Another example that arises frequently is an additional injury or impairment that results from over use of one arm or hand, when compensating for the lack of ability to use the injured arm or hand. There are many such indirect injuries that tend to get overlooked by the client, the doctors and the attorney, that are legally connected to the original injury which are compensable.

Thus helping the client identify and obtain competent medical treatment for both the obvious and not so obvious injuries and medically related problems, has been part of my both my practice and to me, a ministry in my profession, that I use to help my clients obtain necessary medical treatment and to develop their case at the same time.

My law practice has always been limited to injury and medically related cases only as set out

above. These areas of practice all overlap with each other and the knowledge and experience I have derived from each of these separate areas of law practice, enhance my ability to competently handle each these other areas of law practice.

These cases interrelate in ways you might not expect. Accordingly, you will be better served if your attorney can coordinate your benefits between all of these areas, which I am well qualified in accomplishing. The experience I have gained from practicing in each area of injury and medical law, are cumulative to fully understanding how to handle your case both medically and legally.

I am not a doctor and I do not intend to take the place of a doctor or other medical care provider. But I will advocate for you, and help you understand what you are dealing with and suggest reasonable possible solutions for each issue, by giving you the information and assistance you need to ask questions and make decisions.

Although my office is in the Oklahoma City area, I will travel to any area in Oklahoma to meet with you if the facts of your case justify it.

There is no fee if there is no recovery.  I will also be happy to give you a free 15 minute consultation about your case by telephone.