Why you need an Attorney/Representative to win most Social Security Disability and SSI cases:

This is because many cases are not clear cut and even some pretty clear cut cases of total and permanent disability are still denied, based on various technicalities which will not be evident to you.

There are relatively few open and shut Social Security Disability and SSI claims. For instance, just because you cannot do a job you have done in the past standing alone, does not mean you are disabled under the Social Security Rules and Regulations.

You must also prove that your past education and jobs have not supplied you with the skills to adjust to a new type of work. If you cannot do this, then, to win, you must prove how your impairments prevent you from performing even sedentary unskilled work. This also requires expertise.

For example, Social Security relies, in part, on customized medical questionnaires to be filled out by one or more physicians to determine what effect your impairments have on your ability to work. This is part of what I do to help win your case. I customize medical questionnaires for the doctor to complete, which show how your impairments impact your ability to work.

In many Supplementary Security Income, (SSI) and some Social Security Disability cases, there will be no health insurance and therefore no paper trail of your conditions.

If you have no health insurance and no income, I will direct you in how to obtain reasonable and necessary access to medical providers, and possibly obtain a completed custom designed questionnaire, which I will provide to you, for the doctor, that will help you prove what you are able, or not able to do and how it impacts your ability to work.

SSI cases are those where the claimant has not worked enough, or paid in enough to Social Security to be qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits under the so called, “Social Security Disability Insurance Coverage”.

Social Security Disability cases are those where the claimant has worked and paid in enough on Social Security Disability, so that you can receive a higher amount of benefits than SSI permits and you can retain the Social Security Benefits even if your spouse is working and earning wages.

You will often need to coordinate Short Term/Long Term Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Workers’ Compensation Benefits, along with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Supplementary Security Income Benefits and Unemployment Benefits, or you will accidentally lose some or all of these benefits, because you do not understand what benefits are available and how they interrelate with each other. In addition, some are mutually exclusive, in whole or in part. I practice in all these areas and can protect your rights accordingly.

Although my home office is in Edmond, I will travel to any area in Oklahoma to meet with you if the facts of your case justify it. I will also travel beyond Oklahoma on a Social Security Claim in selected cases.

Contact me for a free 15 minute review of your claim. I will then explain to you what will have to be done to prove you are unable to work, with your particular case and facts.